Data protection policy

This web site operates on German servers under German law. Therefore, legally relevant information is provided in German and can be found here. The following is for information only, intended to give my English-speaking audience an overview.

Responsibility for collecting and processing of person related data on this web site is:

Bernd Robker
Luxemburger Str. 190
50937 Cologne
Tel.: +49-221-2829661
eMail: Bernd.Robker@gmx.net
USt-IdNr: DE296704490

Please direct all questions to this person. Your inquiries will be stored, so your requests can be worked on and the thread of communication and (if applicable) agreements are documented.

Especially you have the following rights, which you can execute by contacting the operator of this web site:

In addition, you have the right to complain about the processing of your person related data by the operator of this web site at the Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit Nordrhein-Westfalen.

On each visit of this web site, technical data is collected, which is used for statistics on usage to adjust this offering to the actual usage. For example, it is compiled which browsers are mainly used (so the display can be optimized for these browsers) or when these pages are accessed (to provide content at optimum points in time). This technical data can theoretically be matched with actual persons, but this does not happen on this web site. An exception is made for investigating criminal action (eg a hacker attack), for which a complete and extensive analysis of all data collected is reserved.

The operator of this web site collects, stores, and processes:

As long as you do not enter data in forms, this data will not be matched to any other person related data (especially your name).

This web presence is hosted on servers of 1und1. Additional technical data is collected there, which is used for purposes of 1und1. The processing there is not performed on instruction or under influence of the operator of this web site. If this is of interest to you, please inquire directly at 1und1.

In addition to the technical data specified, certain areas of this web presence utilize technical mechanisms like session ids, which are required to enable functionality. For orders, contests, and similar offerings and at the sending of messages (e.g. when submitting proposals for the video blog or customer inquiries) person related data is collected to the extend as required for processing the requested interaction. The precise nature of the data can be seen in the respective input forms. It will be used for this specific purpose only and not be handed out to some other party. Detailed information on the use of the data provided can be found beneath the respective input forms. In general, a transfer of the data collected does not happen; exceptions are mentioned beneath the respective input forms.

Videos are embedded into this web presence, which are stored on YouTube. If you play these videos, YouTube collects user data. If you are, at this point in time, logged in with your YouTube or Google account, a connection to your account can be made. Further information on data protection at YouTube/Google can be found here.

In general, everybody has to be aware the communication on the internet is routed via various servers and data lines, can basically always be intercepted by third parties and therefore – given required technical knowledge and some criminal energy on the side of these third parties – also might be read by these criminals. The operator of this web site has no influence on such behavior and rejects all responsibility and reliability for this. Phone calls also are not completely secure against espionage. As far as letters and other snail mail is concerned, the operator of this web presence is only responsible from the point when the mailing reaches his sphere of influence (his mailbox).

Legal basis are the due interest of the operator of this web presence and your consent, if you enter data into forms or press buttons (e.g. for playing YouTube videos). The relevant basis is the Datenschutz-Grundverordnung, which is the German application of the European laws for data security and protection.


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