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The majority of events I hold or participate in are in German language; you can find the extensive list on the German part of my website.

Here, I list only those events which are intended for an international audience.

Second Life Book Club, virtual

I had the honor to be a guest on Draxter's Second Life Book Club, which did a feature on the world's greatest science fiction series, PERRY RHODAN.

LuxCon, Opderschmelz, Luxembourg

I participated in LuxCon, which also was EuroCon in 2022. In addition to running a booth, I participated in English panels (e.g. on Freedom of Speech) and offered a workshop on writing.

Malgorzata_Wilk_Robert_Corvus_Nancy_Braun_LuxCon_2022.JPG, 74kB

EuroCon 2021, Fiuggi, Italien

I participated in EuroCon, which was held in Italy in 2021, and contributed to program.

  • Found in translation/ Out of this world translations: Flora Staglianò, Lucy Lukačovičová, Silvia Castoldi, Marco Castoldi and Robert Corvus – audio recording available on Spotify
  • Fantastisches Deutschland: Robert Corvus, Bernhard Hennen and Arno Behrend.


GaryCon, virtual

Bernhard Hennen and I participated in the virtual GaryCon 2021 – which was kind of a "return visit", as GaryCon partners with German DreieichCon, which welcomed some Amercian guests in 2020. We run a workshop titled Bringing Your Character to Life.


DreieichCon, virtual

In 2020, DreieichCon was run as a virtual event. It also went global, so there were program items in English. So, in addition to my German novel Grauwacht and Die Phileasson-Saga (together with Bernhard Hennen) I was given the oportunity to present my English short story Eutopia (available on Amazon).


FuturiCon, virtual

Croatian Rikon, under the name FuturiCon, became the 2020 EuroCon. Because of the Corona situation it was made a virtual event. My contribution was a talk titled Let's build starships!.


77th Science Fiction World Convention, Dublin, Ireland

I participated in WorldCon, science fiction scene's world meeting, in Dublin. I contributed to the program a bit.

  • Panel It’s all gone to shit: grimdark worldbuilding with Dr Anna Smith Spark, Cameron Johnston, Joe Abercrombie, R.F. Kuang
  • Presentation Perry Rhodan: world’s greatest SF series


Comic Con Experience, Cologne, Germany

Role Play Convention 2019 for the first time became part of a larger venue, the Comic Con Experience Cologne. That meant 4 days of presenting my work at a table (together with Bernhard Hennen). The event also drew some international guests, although my program items were all in German.


FedCon 28, Bonn, Germany

On 28th FedCon I had a table presenting my work. My program items were in German only, this time. Unforgettable was my faery encounter:


MagicCon, Bonn, Germany

At MagicCon 2019, Bernhard Hennen and I run a table, did writing workshops and offered readings from our books (in German).


Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany

At Leipzig book fair, Bernhard Hennen and me presented Rosentempel and participated as jurors at the bookdate.leipzig award (all German).

Auf der Leseinsel der LBM 2019

Phantastika, Berlin, Germany

The 2nd Phantastika was part of German Comic Con in Berlin. I not only introduced my novel Das Imago-Projekt. Together with Bernhard Hennen I read from Die Phileasson-Saga. This series was awarded best series (Beste deutsche Serie) with the Deutscher Phantastik Preis (German Award for Speculative Fiction).


ElsterCon, Leipzig, Germany

ElsterCon again proofed to be the convention for international sf literature in Germany.

Bernhard Hennen, Robert Corvus, Kai Meyer

Festival Mediaval XI, Selb, Germany

Bernhard Hennen and I were guests at the biggest festival for medieval rock music. We did our readings and workshops in German, but enjoyed meeting international artists, as well.


Festival Mediaval
76th Science Fiction World Con, San José, USA

I participated in 76th Science Fiction World Convention in San José, California. I contributed a presentation on PERRY RHODAN.


FedCon 27, Bonn, Germany

At 27th FedCon I run a table, which made for many interesting encounters. Among other things, I contributed an English talk on PERRY RHODAN.


MagicCon, Bonn, Germany

At MagicCon, I ran a presentation table and did some German program items. I enjoyed meeting the international guests and crowd.


Leipziger Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany

I participated in the large Leipzig book fair and did some readings (in German).

Logo Leipziger Buchmesse
Festival Mediaval X, Selb, Germany

I participated in the great medieval rock festival and did some writing workshops (in German) there.

Gesang auf dem Festival Mediaval X

Festival Mediaval
Phantastika, Oberhausen

1st Phantastika was done in Oberhausen CongressCentrum. There was an international crowd, although my program topics were in German only.

PR-Panel Phantastika 2017

75. Science-Fiction-WorldCon, Helsinki, Finland

At 75th World Science Fiction Convention, run 2017 in Finland, I participated in panels Military SF: pro-war or anti-war? and Game tie-in novels.


WorldCon 75
U-Con, Dortmund, Germany
At U-Con in Dortmund, which was EuroCon that year, I did an Enlish presentation on PERRY RHODAN.

MagicCon, Bonn, Germany

At MagicCon I met an international crowd and did a writing workshop (in German).


Leipziger Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany

I participated in Leipzig book fair, signing books and doing readings.

Logo Leipziger Buchmesse
Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
I participated in the world's largest book fair, mainly promoting Die Phileasson-Saga.


Buchmesse FFM
AustriaCon, Vienna, Austria
Celebrating 20 years of existence, the Perry-Rhodan-Stammtisch Vienna run an AustriaCon. I did a lot of interviews and presented my fantasy novels.

AustriaCon 2016
ElsterCon, Leipzig, Germany

Every 2 years, the Freundeskreis Science-Fiction Leipzig runs ElsterCon. I discussed science fiction with international guests – in private as well as on stage.

ElsterCon 2016
Leipziger Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany

I presented Grauwacht.

Leseinsel LBM 2015

Logo Leipziger Buchmesse
Buchmesse, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
I did a book signing.


Buchmesse Frankfurt Logo
ElsterCon, Leipzig, Germany
I like ElsterCon. This time I was moderator for a panel on ›anti heroes‹ – my guests of honor were Miriam Pharo, Ian Tregillis, Jean-Marc Rochette and Lavie Tidhar.
Together with Boris Koch and Arno Behrend I did a reading at a midnight café.
I also did a presentation on PERRY RHODAN.


ElsterCon 2014 Logo
Leipziger Buchmesse, Leipzig, Germany
I did a book signing.

Signierstunde Leipziger Buchmesse 2014

Logo Leipziger Buchmesse

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